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The Loft - The 2014 Remake of the Belgian Erotic Thriller - Loft

The Loft is a 2014 American erotic thriller movie, based on the 2008 Belgian movie Loft. Released on October 14, 2014, the movie was directed by Eric Van Looy, produced by Hilde De Laere, Matt DeRoss, Steve Golin, Paul Green, and Adam Shulman. The screenplay was written by Bart De Pauw and Wesley Strick. 

Karl Urban (Vincent Stevens), James Marsden (Chris Vanowen), Wentworth Miller as Luke Seacord, Eric Stonestreet as Marty Landry, and Matthias Schoenaerts (Phillip Trauner) are the five men who play the main protagonists in this movie, and the story revolves around the consequences of their friendship, secrets, and actions when their friendship and lives are put into question as their little secret is exposed. 


The five men, although all of them married, share ownership of a loft, which they use for meetings with their mistresses. The troubles begin when they discover the body of a murdered woman in the loft. They immediately begin to suspect each other, as they are the only ones with a key to the loft. The murdered victim's name is Sarah Deakins played by Isabel Lucas. She meets Luke, Vincent, and Marty at a bar, and although both Vincent and Luke are attracted to her, she ends up hooking up with Vincent and starts being obsessed and attached to him. At one point, Sarah even threatens him to expose their affair to his wife but Luke interferes and persuades her to not take that action. 


As the drama between Sarah and Vincent continues, the story takes us to the moment her body is discovered. Luke was the one that found her along with a note addressed to Vincent saying? See you in the next life?. As all of them arrive at the loft and discuss what to do with the body, Luke, Chris, Marty, and Phillip decide to frame Vincent by drugging him and handcuffing him to the bed next to Sarah's dead body. Luke, Chris, and Marty leave to secure their alibies, as Phillip stays to stage the crime scene. He cuts Sarah's wrists and by using her bloody fingers he writes some Latin phrase similar to the one in the suicide note and handcuffs her to the bed.

After all of the mess, Vincent ends up being arrested for murder, even though he tries his best to explain the set-up. As Chris is being released from interrogation and the detectives tell him about Vincent's arrest, he is surprised as he believed that Vincent would only be implicated in Sarah's suicide, and not charged for her murder. But as they tell him, a suicide note was never found to confirm that claim, her wrist cuts were not self-inflicted and the combination of pills and champagne was also not responsible for her death, the only suspects whose prints were found on the knife were Vincent's. 


As Chris leaves the police station and reaches into his pocket only to find that the suicide note that Luke gave him was gone, he starts suspecting Luke's motives. After confronting him about the note, the truth is finally revealed. Luke's jealousy of Sarah's and Vincent's relationship was the motive to murder her, as he said it? killed her out of love? with an insulin overdose, and then staged everything to look like a suicide. As Luke tries to convince Chris that they should do another cover-up, they start struggling and Luke gets a knife to threaten Chris. As the police sirens approach and Chris tell him that he already called them, Luke jumps out of the loft's balcony, killing himself.