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Scare Us - New horror anthology to be released from Koch Media

Scare Us is a darkly vicious serial killer horror anthology, and will be digitally released in the UK on Monday 13th June, courtesy of Koch Films.


The 5-part murderous tale, which was voted one of the Top 10 Hidden Horror Gems of 2021focuses on an unlikely group of aspiring writers who live in Sugarton - a small town plagued by the apparent return of an infamous serial killer, dubbed "Cutthroat". As usual, they meet in their local bookstore run by Peter, the group’s leader, to share their scary stories, but tonight, they are about to discover they've become the stars of a sick killer's own twisted tale.


Shot in Arizona over a 16 day period, Scare Us is directed by Ryan Henry Johnston (Head Director, Co-Director of Night Haul), Carl Jensen IV (Co-Director of Dead Ringer) Ryan Kjolberg (Director of Untethered), Charlotte Lilt (Co-Director of Night Haul), Tom J. McCoy (Director of The Resting) and Jordan Pillar (Co-Director of Dead Ringer).The Falling Flame Pictures production stars Tom Sandoval, Charlotte Lilt, Michelle Palermo, Michael C. Alvarez, Ethan Drew, Jason Wiechert, Desiree Srinivas and William Kenny. Writers are Will Hirsch, Carl Jensen IV, Ryan Henry Johnston, Ryan Kjolberg, Tom J. McCoy and Jordan Pillar. It is produced by Jason Wiechert, Ryan Henry Johnston and Robyn Sturgis.


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