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Dino Time - The tale of children's curiosity

Dino Time is 2012 animated, adventure, and comedy feature movie, directed by Yoon-suk Choi and John Kafka. The voices behind the movie are by Rob Schneider, Pamela Aldon, Grey Griffin, Tara Strong, Jane Lynch, and Melanie Griffith. The writing credits go to Adam Beechen, James Greco, Jae Woo Park, and Zachary Rosenblatt.

Dino Time is an exciting, adventurous, and colorful tale of children's curiosity. It tells the story of three kids who find an egg-shaped time machine which sparks their curiosity and takes them on an adventure.

Ernie is a very hyperactive child who never seems to stop exploring, whether he is strolling around town with his rocket-powered skateboard, or checking the newest exhibitions at the Dinasour Museum, because, like most of the kids, he has a dinosaur obsession. One day, after sneaking into his friend Max's house, Ernie snoops around and finds the egg-shaped time machine, which happens to be an invention made by Max's father. While Ernie and Max are trying to understand the purpose of the egg, Julia (Ernie's sister) enters the room looking for her brother when the three kids and up arguing. As they continue to argue, the egg suddenly starts to swirl and opens up, taking the kids in on a wild journey.

When the door opens, the kids find themself in a mysterious jungle in the company of a T-Rex named Tyra standing over them. Just as they start to freak out, Tyra starts to cuddle them. The kids landed in her nest and she starts to treat them like family, which was probably Earnie's dream come true. All those visits to the Dinasour Museum, and now he has the chance to explore the jungle with a real-sized and very much alive dinosaur and her son.

Although none can argue the excitement of this opportunity, the kids eventually need to go back to their families. This turns out to be an even bigger adventure in the sense of all the obstacles the kids need to go through to return safely home, and eventually, they find their way back.

Dino Time is a fun, family, adventurous movie that will make you and your kids smile, and no matter your age, animated movies tend to be the perfect holiday choice for a fun movie night with the family, especially as the holidays approach.