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He Who Dares: Downing Street Siege

The sequel, or rather part two, of “He Who Dares” follows the same characters in a slightly different plotline. Failing to capture the prime minister’s only daughter, terrorists decide that enough is enough and decide to attack Downing Street. Unfortunately for them, Major Chris Lowe just woke up in the hospital bed, and he is ready for some revenge.


Written by Simon Philips and directed by Paul Tanter cast includes Tom Benedict Knight (Kingsman: The Golden Circle), Simon Phillips (Age of the Living Dead), Russell Kilmister (Absolutely Fabulous), Merissa Porter (Age of the Living Dead), and Ryan Winsley (Robin Hood).


“He Who Dares: Downing Street Siege” follows the events after part one. After heroically saving the prime minister's daughter, Chris Lowe is summoned to Downing Street. He gets dishonorable discharge from the SAS unit for disobeying a direct order from the prime minister. While Major Chris confronts the new reality, the terrorist ringleader Holt manages to escape from the hospital. Survived terrorists, together with their leader, organize a coordinated attack on Prime Minister’s residence. In quick action, they manage to overpower the security and take over parts of the residence. Fortunately, the Major has not left the building. He is left alone in Downing Street to fight the terrorists and save the ungrateful prime minister.


“But there is much more to be entertained by, not least of all the film’s resolute Britishness; jokes make allusions to politicians referring to police as ‘plebs’, and a terrorist name checks the time that Eastenders is scheduled (not ‘on a Wednesday’). He Who Dares: Downing Street Siege has its niche target audience so tightly in its crosshairs, and caters so exclusively and gleefully to it, that I imagine the film would be mystifying to any other audience.” – The Movie Waffler


This film is not made with the intention to provoke discussion or to think. Its only purpose is to provide solid 90 minutes of action-packed entertainment. The action sequences are well-coordinated, special effects are solid, and overall production is what you can expect from this subgenre. Sure, there are serious plotline holes and some questionable acting performances, but this film manages to entertain. If you are a fan of B-production action flicks like the early works of Jean Claude van Damme or Jason Statham, you will find this film rather entertaining. You can stream it right now on Watch4Free.