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Italy Here We Come!

It gives us great pleasure to inform you that wedo movies and wedo big stories will soon be available in Italy. Because of the hard work of our team, the FAST channels, the direct-to-consumer platform, and a wide variety of devices in Italy will all have access to our content when it goes live, early next week. 

Our media organization, Video Solutions AG, has never before expanded beyond its initial launch territories of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. As a result, we are all quite pleased about the next steps that will be taken in the development of our company.


Beginning on February 8, the streaming services Samsung TV Plus, LG Channels, Vidaa (Hisense), and Plex will all feature wedo movies and wedo big stories. In the same vein, Rakuten TV will also broadcast our wedo big stories. You'll be happy to know that we localized all of the navigation and content on the OTT platform, as well as all of our apps, into the Italian language.


We are moving into the next phase - GROWTH!

In the past four years, we have improved the user experience for our customers by consolidating the user interface for our many service delivery channels and making it as easy to use as possible. Now that all of our systems are in harmony and functioning above and beyond our greatest aspirations, the time has come to expand.

Our entertainment service will soon be accessible in three of the five largest television markets in Europe, with rollouts across FAST and direct-to-consumer apps that are fully personalized for the local audience. 

Italy is a terrific illustration of what we'd like to do, market by market. By adjusting the content to the viewers' native language and catering to their individual tastes, we will make our service an absolute necessity for everyone searching for high-caliber entertainment that is free of charge.

We'll be adding new channels, and specific genres, and expanding into new markets. The USA and Africa are next on the list!  So stay tuned and don't miss the next big thing coming from wedotv.