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Time Runners - Rewind Time and Alter The Future

Time Runners (95ers: Time Runners) is a 2013 indie sci-fi, thriller directed by Thomas Gomez Durham. The writing credits go to Thomas, James Durham, and Kip Rasmussen. Alesandra Durham is the executive producer and she also has the leading role of Sally Jo Biggs in the movie. Joel Bishop, Terence Goodman, K.Danor Gerald, and Ian Paul Freeth are also part of this movie's cast. 

Sally is an FBI agent with the power to rewind time and manipulate it to her advantage. She becomes aware of her ability to redo the last few seconds of her life as a young girl, and later in life, this makes her very popular in her career as a Special Agent. Sally is married to a scientist who explores time travel. After her husband's mysterious disappearance, her life becomes more and more dangerous as she uses her powers to get closer to finding him. As Sally begins the journey of finding her missing husband Horatio (played by Joel Bishop), the storyline of the movie takes us through several alternate timelines, making this time travel movie even more exciting. The very well established multi-layered plot contributes to the intrigue of the movie giving it a mysterious touch. 

Without giving away too much of the story, I urge you to add Time Runners to your watchlist and take part in Sally's journey of paranormal apparitions, assassins that know her most private secret, hunt her, and want to kill her, as her only clue is her husband's ghosts that guides her through battlefields she never knew existed, trying to tie up all the mysteries together. 

For all fans of science fiction and time travel, complex storylines, and action, 95ers: Time Runners is an impressive and exciting movie.