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Valentine: The Dark Avenger - Indonesian Live-Action Movie

Valentine: The Dark Avenger is a 2017 Indonesian live-action film that was inspired by a local comic from Indonesian publisher Skyler Comics. The movie was directed by Ubay Fox and Agus Pestol, and the script was written by Beby Hasibuan. Production credits go to Helfi C.H. Hardit and Aswin Siregar. The leading role of Valentine is played by Estelle Linden, with Matthew Settle, Arie Dagienkz, Ahmad Affandy, Sasky Aisyawara, and Nabila Putri as part of the remaining cast.


Although the story is quite typical for an action movie it begins with a director who wants to create not just another superhero movie, but one that would motivate the people of Batavia, to find another, better life in their city, where crime has become so normal that is accepted by everyone.


When all of his producers refuse to finance his movie idea, he decides to find his superhero himself. After finding a very pretty girl who happens to be highly skilled in martial arts as well, he decides to throw her on the streets of Batavia to fight criminals, as he records all the action and uploads the videos on social media making her a star. And then, Valentine was born. Her popularity rises as she fights and defeats more and more powerful criminals, but in a city where crime has become such normalcy, she faces the most powerful criminal gang of all. The leader called Shadow (played by Ahmad Affandy) has only one objective, to take the power of the entire city into his hands. 

This quickly becomes Valentine?s number one priority, and she motivates herself to fight Shadow and his organization, trying to defeat all the evil in her city, and give it?s citizens their freedom and normal life back, taking away all the crime and fear that surrounded them for so long. 


As one of Indonesian most famous blockbuster, Valentine: The Dark Avenger does not disappoint in its action scenes, with the highly skilled leading lady-superhero and adequate direction. At the end of the movie, there is an introduction to the main superhero of the Skylar comic, which gives the hint of a possible sequel.


If you are a fan of the action superhero type of movies, such as the most famous franchise like Marvel, for example, Valentine will be a top pick for you.